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100/2000 COHE Doctoral Scholarship

In order to answer the needs for people with doctoral degree in prioritized fields in Turkey, The Council of Higher Education (CoHE) is going to give doctoral scholarship to 2000 doctoral students in 100 thematic fields in state universities. Amount of scholarship is 1800 TL monthly. 

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  • Click here to view the 100 prioritized thematic fields (in Turkish).

In accordance with 100/2000 CoHE Doctoral Scholarship, in 2017-2018 Academic Year Marmara University is going to give doctoral scholarship to students who accept studying in the fields stated below. If students who have just applied to doctoral degree are accepted to the program, they can apply for this scholarship, too. Application presedure will be announced in our website under announcements.


FIELD NAME                                                    QUOTA

01.09.02. Sensor Technologies                                    3

01.03.01. Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering              3

 01.06.04. Renewable Energy Sources/Technologies
(Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal, Hydropower)  5

01.03.02. Biomedical Equipments (Medical Devices)       5

01.08.04. Smart Materials, Biomimetic                         10



Click here to view CoHE website for 100/2000 CoHE Doctoral Scholarships (in Turkish).

General Information on 100/2000 the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) Doctoral Scholarships

1) What is 100/2000 CoHE Doctoral Scholarship?

When it is taken into account that our country’s aim to become one out of 10 great economies of the world in 2023, it can be only possible with qualitative information production and especially qualified human factor.

Under 100/2000 CoHE Doctoral Scholarship Project, so as to meet the need for human resource with doctoral degree, produce qualitative information in prioritized fields, support students who are studying in doctoral degrees at state universities, during CoHE history Doctoral Scholarships will be given for the first time.

Effect of performances in higher education oriented processes is important for determining positions of countries in global competitive environment. Within this scope, in many countries programmes were initiated to improve higher education oriented, competitive and researcher human resource. Some of them are:

Germany - Excellence Initiative

China – Project 985 and Project 865

Korea – Brain Korea 21 programme

Japan – Global 30

Taiwan – Top Universities Project

Russia – 5-100 Project


2- What is the significance of this project for doctoral education in Turkey?

Our country’s higher education oriented goals on science, technology and innovation policies include ‘’ Studies to Improve the Quantity and Quality of Human Resource with Doctoral Degree’’.

When our country’s situation is determined within this scope, the ratio of human resource with doctoral degree is 0.4 per 1000 people. This ratio is 2.2 in China, 1.7 in USA, 1.5 in EU, 1.4 in South Korea, 1.2 in Canada, 1.1 in Japan.

With the long-term and participatory approach, 100/2000 CoHE Doctoral Scholarship Project was designed by taking into account our country’s needs and areas of development. Within the scope of the programme, in 100 prioritized fields 2000 people will be educated at doctoral degree. And this human resource will not only be employed in academy, but also in public and private sectors.


3- When will 100/2000 CoHE Doctoral Scholarship be started to be given?

100/2000 CoHE Doctoral Scholarship Project will be put into practice in 2017. Within this scope students will be able to take education from spring term. Students will be given 12 months scholarship during 4 years.

4-  What is the amount of the scholarship?

Amount of scholarship: 1800 TL monthly.  It will be increased every year according to inflation rate.


5- Who can apply for this scholarship? And on what conditions?

This scholarship is different from other support programmes. CoHE is offering scholarship for 100 thematic fields. Universities will apply to CoHE and state the number of the students they will educate. And CoHE will support competent and successful universities.

The aim here is to create specialisation oriented competition environment and support universities.

Student applications and selections will be carried out by universities which are suitable for CoHE’s support.

Only Turkish citizens who aren’ t working and entitled to study in PhD can apply for 100/2000 CoHE Doctoral Scholarship.

If candidate is continuing to education at PhD, s/he is required not to be in dissertation stage.



















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