Pre-registration through on-line


Online Application System and Required Documents

Master of Science, Ph.D.,
non-thesis M.Sc. and Distance Learning M.Sc. Programs

On Line Application

  • Applications (Pre-registrations) are made online. The accepted candidates must submit required documents to the Institute during the registration dates.
  • The candidates should visit for pre-registration ( and create “a new account” using the application system. Then they should provide the necessary information asked on the page and upload the required documents in pdf and jpeg format. (For large file sizes, please lower the scan resolution or change format of the file (jpeg and pdf allowed).
  • Marmara University students may use their BYS username and passwords to sign in Application System.
  • Candidates must provide a current and actively used email address (Candidates will be informed through email). Also, check spam folder if our email is dropped in it for any reason.
  • Uploaded documents will be checked and confirmed by the staff in the Institute and the candidate will receive a confirmation via email.
  • During the pre-registration, the candidates could update their information and the documents via logging in the system. Candidates whose applications have not been confirmed for any reason (invalid application, uncertified document or missing document) will be informed via email and will be asked to check and amend the documents.
  • Confirmed documents and information by us cannot be changed or deleted.
  • Candidates accepted for pre-registration will sit for the written exams and interview stated on the application screen (The place, date and time of the exam will be presented on the application screen.)  Or to reach them click here.
  • Evaluations will be made according to the criteria given in the Institute web site and successful candidates will be shortlisted.
  • In any mismatch between the documents provided in the pre-registration and during the registration, the responsibility belongs to the candidate. The applicant who gave any wrong and missing document will not be accepted for the registration.
Required Documents for Pre-registration:

(all documents must be uploaded in pdf and jpeg format)

  • Diploma: Candidates applying for PhD programs upon completing their Bachelor’s degree must have Bachelor’s diploma uploaded. Candidates applying to the PhD programs upon completing their Master’s Degree must have Master’s diploma. For conditional acceptance, they must be in their final semester of undergraduate or graduate study. In this case, candidates who have not graduated yet must leave the ‘graduated’ box blank and should not upload any documents in this bar.
  • Academic Transcript (Certified): (Candidates who have not graduated yet must upload an academic transcript showing all 7 semesters’ cumulative GPA up to now.)(The transcripts must be calculated in either 4 point or 100 point system) For PhD, candidates must upload Master’s Degree transcript.
  • ALES or GRE score: For ALES, the “year” and the “period” of the exam must be entered in the system. The scores will be directly downloaded from ÖSYM. (ALES exam score is valid for 5 years). For GRE, you have to enter the necessary information and score manually.
  • Foreign Language Score (YÖKDİL, YDS, ÜDS or equivalent exam):
    • This score must be uploaded for the above mentioned programs requiring Foreign Language Proficiency. (YÖKDİL, YDS, ÜDS or equivalent exam score is valid for 5 years).
    • Photograph:The photograph should be passport or headshot photo identifying the candidate. This photo will be printed on the successful candidates’ student card. Inappropriate and landscape photos will be rejected.
  • Equivalency: If the applicant is a Turkish citizen, for diplomas awarded abroad, it is required to submit a copy of the diploma equivalency certificate issued by YÖK's (Turkish Council of Higher Education). For Foreign students, equvalency is not required, but their school must be approved by the YOK (Turkish Higher Education Council).
For Foreign Citizens

In addition the listed documents above

  • Foreign Citizens must upload their diplomas, transcripts and other documents, translated into Turkish or the language of program they intend to apply (Every translation must be signed and stamped by a sworn translator). Certified copies will be asked during the registration.



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