In the first thesis submission to Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences, the relevant parts of the following forms must be filled in and brought with the thesis;


Thesis Submission Form (YL: Annex14, DR: Annex15) (fbe page is in the student forms)

Thesis Preliminary Examination Form (Appendix 16) (fbe page is included in student forms)

Thesis Control Form (Appendix 17) (fbe page is in student forms)

Undertaking (at the bottom of this page)


 The title of the thesis must be exactly the same as the title given in the thesis proposal or the thesis title approved by the institute board of directors by applying for a change of title later. Otherwise, the documents brought will not be accepted.


Theses must be scanned under the fbe-thesis section by the advisors in accordance with the turnitin procedure. Our teachers who do not have a page in the "fbe-thesis" section should send an e-mail to and addressing their e-mail addresses with the extension "name-surname" and "marmara" in order to open a page. Then, the turnitin scanning process of the thesis should be done under this section (fbe-thesis). Each page of the Turnitin report should be printed out and signed by the advisor where only the similarity percentages are visible.


In Turnitin reports, the overall similarity rate should be at most 20%, and the lower similarity rate for each source should be at most 1%. While scanning, the thesis file can be uploaded to the turnitin starting from the summary. In addition, no filtering should be done except for bibliography filtering during scanning.


A printout of the text of the thesis should be submitted in a clip-on file, together with the forms and the turnitin report. While printing the thesis text, it should be printed on a single page until Introduction. The title of the thesis should be in capital letters under the Declaration of Innovation for Abstract, Abstract and PhD theses in the text of the thesis, and then the summary text should be written. The thesis text must comply with the thesis writing rules on the site.


While coming to the submission of the first thesis, a "Jury Proposal Letter" must be written to the institute by the Head of the Department for thesis defense.


(In the Jury Proposal Letter, at least one of the full and reserve faculty members for the Master's Degree, at least two of the full members for the PhD, and one of the reserve members must be selected from outside the university.


Students whose registration date is 2013 and later have a publication requirement. While coming to the submission of the first thesis, the publication text and / or acceptance letter (symposium, congress, etc.) made from the thesis must also be brought.


After all documents are prepared, these documents must first be submitted to the institute student affairs and then to the document registration unit.


 CLICK HERE for the copy of the official letter sent to the Departments by the FBE regarding what needs to be done during the creation of the Thesis Defense Jury.


CLICK for the copy of the COMMITMENT to be signed by the Student and Advisor attached to the letter.

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