Transfer Program Quotas - Application Information and Conditions

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Required Documents: Application Criteria and Required Documents for Transfer

  • Application documents will be delivered to the institute by hand (there is no online application through the system).
  • Successful students who have completed at least one semester in another institute within the higher education institution or in the postgraduate program of another higher education institution can be admitted to the graduate programs through horizontal transfer.
  • The applicant, who applied for a transfer, must submit that he / she meets the ALES and foreign language requirements in the postgraduate applications,
  • An official letter from the Institute where he / she is studying (the date of registration of the student must be specified),
  • Transcript showing the success status,
  • Content and curriculum of the courses taken,
  • TC Identity copy (to be approved),
  • Document indicating that there is no disciplinary penalty (transcript can also be specified),
  • A letter stating the reason for transfer.
  • 2 passport size photos

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