Message from the Director


Prof. Dr. Bülent EKİCİ

The Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences at Marmara University was founded in 1982 in an attempt

  • to encourage the usage of the most advanced techniques and equipments not only in the disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies but also in important and innovative fields of science and engineering,
  • to promote the pursuit of the latest literature and the collaboration with international academic and scientific communities,  
  • to support scientific research, contribution to scientific literature and post graduate education.

The Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences has been directed by an experienced administrative staff that includes 2 Vice Directors, Secretary of the Institute and Director who is appointed by Rector for 3 years.

The Institute Council which is taking academic and strategic decisions is comprised of the Heads of the Institute’s 27 single discipline departments(the members who have right to vote) and the Heads of 7 interdisciplinary departments. The Institute Council assembles at least once each semester.

The decisions on execution are taken by the Executive Board of the Institute that includes Director of the Institute and 3 members who were chosen by the Institute Council. The Executive Board assembles once every two weeks.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences

a)      to update and execute the existing post graduate academic programmes,

b)      to improve and design new post graduate academic programmes,

c)       to conduct courses, to supervise students, to carry out research activities and publish them,

d)      to develop and issue Journal of the Institute

e)      to examine that ethic rules are followed throughout all postgraduate studies and researches,

f)       to grant authorization to Departments to execute planning the supply of education&research equipments and systems

In accordance with the Regulation of Postgraduate Education&Training, MU Education and Training Programmes Execution Direction provides guidance to the Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences. The Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences keeps successfully educating&teaching with 33 thesis, 3 non-thesis and 7 interdisciplinary and 2 distance education programmes thanks to the support from Departments within Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Technology.

Students who attend these programmes can go on research activities partly at other universities thanks to ERASMUS and FARABI programmes as well as can have some courses from other universities. Students can improve their educational&visual abilities and experiences in a globally wide field thanks to these programmes.

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