Institute for Graduate Studies in Pure and Applied Sciences was founded within the rector’s office of Marmara University in accordance with the delegated legislation no 41 on 10 July 1982.

Main objectives of the institute are

  • to train experts for public and private sectors by providing Master of Science and Doctoral education,

  • to prompt students to do research on the fields that are necessary for education, industry and business world,

  • to train individuals who can use science and technology to a good account of society and humanity, be respectful for environment and ethical values, adopt lifelong learning as a principle, be academically well-supported, and compete internationally.

Students are admitted to the graduate programs of the institute in accordance with Marmara University Graduate Education-Training and Exam Regulations. In this regard, the names of the graduate&doctoral programs and quota of students that will be admitted to every program are announced. Application deadline for being accepted to entrance exam and exam dates are declared in the announcement. That announcement is advertised to admit students in the beginning of every academic session. Applicants that will apply for doctoral program must have bachelor’s or master’s degree or for the conditional preregistration must be student in the last semester of graduate program. The ones who graduated from non-thesis master’s program can not apply for doctoral programs. Only those who graduate from the MSc. thesis program can be eligible to apply to PhD. Programs.

Within 22 departments of the Institute for Graduate Studies in Pure and Applied Sciences there are 60 programs including Masters with Thesis, Masters without Thesis and Doctoral Programs. Turkish and English education is provided in the graduate and doctoral programs of the departments of the institute. The time limit for completing the graduate program is 4 semesters, maximum completion period is 6 semesters. The time limit for completing doctoral program is 8 semesters, maximum completion period is 12 semesters.

Within the institute there are more than 200 academic members that are currently continuing education&training activities in the departments and programs.

Our institute that succeeded at many projects and academic publishings is still carrying on various projects and is publishing Marmara Journal of Pure and Applied Science (MAJPAS) which is quarterly periodic academic publishing in its field and giving DOI number (Digital Object Identifier).

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