Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Programs

Can someone else carry out my registration procedures on behalf of me?

Only someone with notarized power of attorney can carry out the procedures.

In which situations tuition fee is paid?

In Non-thesis MSc programs the student pays tuition fee.

Can I apply for a graduate program which is different than my bachelor’s degree?

It is suggested that candidates have Bachelor’s/MSc Degree in the field (or the similar field) of the program for which they apply. If candidates hold a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree of another discipline than they applied for, they are entitled to Scientific Preparation Program to be determined by the Department and Executive Board of the Institute.

How and where can I apply for graduate programs?

Candidates who want to apply for Graduate Programs in Marmara University have to create an account on the application system ( that is announced on the M.U. webpage ( for pre-registration.

Applications for pre-registration will be completely done by filling in the blanks and uploading PDF or JPEG formats of the requested documents to the system. Only those who are accepted to a graduate program will submit the requested documents to the Institute during the registration dates (see the calendar at

When can I apply for Graduate Programs? (Thesis MSc, Non-Thesis MSc, PhD)

Preregistrations are in June for the Fall semester and January for the Spring semester. Exact dates are announced on

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